LETTER: Cr Milne shows his true colours on climate

In response to Glenn Milne (April 13), it is abundantly clear who he supports. 

The forum on climate change run by 350.org on Thursday night clarified that The Nationals’ candidate supports the Adani coal mine and Greenhouse Gas emissions simply by refusing to answer.

 Out of the five candidates she followed her party lines, as they all do! It has been The Nationals-Liberals’ continuous rejection and inaction on climate change that demonstrates they don’t accept the science of climate change. Scary. 

Look at what happened to Malcolm Turnbull when he “crossed the floor” on climate change. What about the ex-leader of the Nats laughing hysterically when Scott Morrison proudly walked into Parliament with a lump of coal. Scary. 

The Nationals candidate running around hand-held by the feds and her deputy leader, will not mean a thing when Labor gets in. 

An independent like Jason Modica can and will make a difference – 70 years of Nationals gripping the Mallee and ignoring the community demonstrates there has to be a change so The Nationals can get back to their roots rather than be the elitist they have become. They have definitely lost their way. 

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