LETTER: Council has to answer for its revenue raising

MY 88-year-old disabled mother was issued with a parking infringement in Mildura in February for parking in a disabled park “without a permit”.

The permit was damaged and was in fact positioned in the left hand corner of the windscreen. 

Strangers walking past were able to read it and yet the parking officer stated it was ineligible. 

A new permit was ordered and replaced the damaged one promptly. 

Despite photo evidence taken on the day that submitted with a letter, the contestation was declined. 

The contesting letter was mailed to Mildura Rural City Council but was then sent to 

Tenix, the company that deals with these matters apparently.

The Age newspaper, on March 8, 2019, published a story stating that local Victorian councils were refunding millions of dollars to motorists due to wrongly allowing Tenix solutions to rule on appeals to infringements. 

I appealed in person to the Mildura Rural City Council but the lack of empathy and abrupt attitude was disappointing. 

I was advised that the matter was not the council’s problem but I should continue to argue with Tenix. 

Despite the article in The Age, Mildura Rural City Council continues to use Tenix services.

Susan Farnsworth,