LETTER: Ms MacAllister wrong in her opinion of NSW

I AM writing in response to a Letter to the Editor from Jane MacAllister published in Sunraysia Daily on April 1.

Ms MacAllister has unfairly characterised the government’s efforts in relation to the review of the Barwon-Darling Water Sharing Plan 2012.

The NSW Government has requested the commission conduct and in dependent and evidence-based review of the plan to determine its contribution to environmental, social and economic outcomes for the region. 

The review by the commission was planned and is a statutory requirement under the water Management Act 2000. 

It was brought forward at the request of the Minister for Regional Water, due to high public interest in the way that this water sharing plan is operating. 

Members of local communities, stakeholders and licence holders have been encouraged to participate in the review. 

In a media release announcing the review, I urged the community to lodge submissions. 

The commission has circulated the review information to a wide range of stakeholders and encouraged them to share the information with their networks. 

Further, the commission advertised the request for public submissions via the commission website, media release and NSW Government’s “Have Your Say” website. 

I would further point out that the current water sharing plan is readily available online at www.legislation.nsw.gov.au.

The commission is fully committed to ensuring that all those who have an interest in the plan have an opportunity to be heard and that the process for review is transparent and robust.

Dr John Keniry,

NSW Natural Resources Commissioner