LETTER: Faith helps society find its direction

AS we grapple with the horror of the Christchurch massacres and continue to confront racism in our communities and violence towards women and children in their homes, Easter demonstrates God never abandons us.

The crucified Jesus experienced the depths of hatred, abandonment and betrayal.

By being on the cross, Jesus says that God will never turn away from the worst in the world, God will not look away.

Jesus endures with the innocent victims of terrorism and violence. He suffered alongside those who live with racism.

On Easter Sunday, Jesus is raised to life and this says that the love and goodness of God cannot be overcome by the worst of the world.

The resurrected Jesus demonstrated God was still at work in the world.

The Easter story shows us a way that calls us to resist violence, seek peace and confront injustice.

It invites us to participate in the work of creating a world made whole by love, kindness, mercy and goodness.

Sharon Hollis,

Uniting Church Victorian and Tasmanian pastoral head