LETTER: Immigration an issue this federal election

AUSTRALIA’S mainstream political parties are ignoring the wishes of the overwhelming majority of the Australian people.

The Australian Population Research Institute report’s finding that 72 per cent of Australians believe Australia does not need more people is in line with similar findings from numerous other surveys in recent years.

The new survey shows this view is shared by a large majority of voters across all political parties, and yet all the mainstream parties (Coalition, Labor and The Greens) are in lockstep, ignoring Australians’ deep concerns about rapid population growth.

The survey shows both overseas-born and Australian-born citizens favour lower immigration.

They overwhelmingly perceive population growth as putting pressure on hospitals, housing, jobs, the environment, roads and schools.

A much more truthful and comprehensive debate about population and immigration is needed now.

Sandra Kanck,

Sustainable Population Australia national president

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