LETTER: Modern politics is now about bribing voters

WHEN Sophie Mirabella announced that if the electorate had chosen her, the Wangaratta base hospital would have received $10 million. Mirabella showed we no longer have governance we have pork barrelling, and Indi electors didn’t buy it, instead voting in Independent Cathy McGowan, who re-won her seat. 

Jeff Kennett said the same to Mildura when we did not re-elect his buddy Craig Bildstein. He said “we would live to regret this” and right he was. 

We as a community have suffered since, with the only privatised public hospital in the nation. 

The pork barrelling in our electorate is currently fierce and it is because we are marginal, so that’s a good thing. Being promised things. Looks good, sounds good. Yet it is a political joke. 

I think our electorate is way too smart to be suckered in by probably the most incompetent Federal Government we’ve ever had, whose chances of governing are disappearing. 

The Nationals have failed to deliver and like the Liberals they have a coalition of chaos. 

So, when Mr Toby Heil indicates that independent candidate Cr 

Jason Modica is somehow the same, as he is a councillor and paid for that job, this is because it is true, he is in his job doing his job. 

There has been no election called and until it is, work continues as normal. 

What’s clear here is that Andrew Broad highlighted the failure of The Nationals. With Barnaby Joyce waiting loudly in the wings to recall himself to be their leader, just where are the Nationals?

Anne Webster in joining in with this charade of governance, clearly continues a now well-beaten track and further shatters the integrity of The Nationals. 

For the Mallee though, we would do well with an Independent, one who’s not failed the first test of jumping on every pork barrelling lie. Are we to be governed or falsely bribed?

Robert Biggs, 

Red Cliffs