LETTER: Candidates should stick to their patch

Last Thursday (21/3)  I was at the NSW election pre-polling station at Wentworth handing out how-to-vote pamphlets for Helen Dalton for the seat of Murray when at about 12.45pm a bright green Commodore with huge bright yellow “Vote Nationals” sign-writing all over it approached where we were and pulled in near us. 

I also noted the personalised Victorian number plates which read “MALLEE”(I didn’t know the seat of Mallee had been won already!).

Then low and behold Anne Webster alighted from the vehicle and went to help hand out the National Party candidate’s pamphlets.

I immediately scanned the skies and listened for the undoubted arrival of the Channel 7 and 9 news choppers to start circling us and I was also looking up and down the street feeling sure that a throng of reporters and photographers would soon arrive for a photo shoot and a story with her but after about 10 minutes, nothing. 

No choppers, photographers or journos. 

Then it suddenly dawned on me ... that I was in NSW, not Victoria.

Patrick Nunan,