LETTER: Science Party will deliver on transport

One of the most important things we need to fix in a region the size of the Mallee is our transport infrastructure – roads, rail and airports.

As the National Party belatedly splashes a little money around the shires, it becomes increasingly obvious that the government has no co-ordinated plan to grow the region.

Passenger rail services throughout the entire region are a must and it should all be high-speed rail.

At the moment, none of the new $75 billion infrastructure spend is coming to the Mallee.

A good road system is also a must to allow the safe movement of those living and working in the region as well as tourists.

Being as the Mallee electorate is 82,000 square kilometres in size, fully one third of the land area of Victoria, air travel will become more important. So the Science Party would improve all airports in the Mallee – runways, buildings, landing lights, automated landing systems and put aside areas for air ambulance and fire fighting helicopters.

It is also time for Horsham to have a domestic air terminal. With a population now of 18,000 people, this would be a necessary step in opening up the western half of the Mallee.

We can fund these projects by removing the fossil fuel subsidies that we are still paying. As at January this year that amount stands at $12 billion. Why are we still subsidising industries that have made multiple billions of dollars from digging up and selling off our resources?

No matter how you voted in the past, now is the time to get the changes we all need.

Leigh Firman,

Science Party candidate for Mallee