Good behaviour bond for paint thief

A PAINT thief was "caught white-handed" after she left a trail of evidence leading police to her front door in what a magistrate labelled a “pathetically executed” offence.

Sarah Collihole pleaded guilty to burglary and theft when she faced the Mildura Magistrates’ Court yesterday.

The 24-year-old admitted she could not resist a “sneak peek” when it came to abandoned or unoccupied homes, simply because she wanted to see what was inside.

The court heard this was the case last 

November when she broke into a vacant Mildura house which was under renovation, two doors down from her own.

While inside she gathered 10 tins of paint, blinds and equipment, including a ladder.

However in the kitchen she dropped one of the paint tins which spilt leaving a large puddle on the ground.

She then walked through the white paint, tramping it through other rooms of the house, causing damage, the court was told.

While at the house she was confronted by a witness but claimed the property was owned by a member of her family.

Police did not have any trouble finding the culprit, with a trail of evidence leading them to her nearby home, where she was found on her couch covered in paint.

Defence counsel Bert Hilton-Wood said Collihole planned to stock pile the paint and admitted her actions were “doomed for failure”.

“All police had to do was follow the paint footprints back to her house, she wasn’t caught red handed but rather white handed,” he said. 

Mr Hilton-Wood said the woman suffered from a borderline personality disorder and at the time of the offending was not taking her medication.

Magistrate Andrew Capell said the offence was “pathetically executed” and bizarre in character.

He placed the woman on a 12-month good behaviour bond without conviction and ordered her to only take prescribed medication.

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