Sticky hands lands jail time

A SERIAL burglar with more than 90 crimes to his name in Victoria alone has been sentenced to jail for stealing more than $45,000 from Mildura businesses and an Order of Australia Medal during a residential burglary.

During the sentencing for Tyelan Lockett, Magistrate Andrew Capell said the matters before him were very serious and Lockett’s bail breaches alone were among the worst he had seen.

Lockett previously pleaded guilty to dozens of charges from 2018 including breaking into Aquarius Apartments and stealing $6500 cash, making off with $11,000 from a Sunraysia service station, $3000 from Forty Winks as well as breaking into a residential home and stealing an Order of Australia Medal and causing $7000 damage.

Sentencing was deferred at the time so he could attend a residential rehab facility however after being granted temporary leave, he failed to return to the centre.

The 30-year-old was arrested last September after police located 53g of ice and items, believed to be from some of the burglaries, at a Twelfth Street house where he lived.

On Tuesday, Defence counsel Hugh Middleton told the court upon release Lockett intended to distance himself from his drug associates in Mildura and move to Bendigo.

Mr Capell told Lockett the amount of ice found in his possession was significant and a message needed to be sent to the rest of the community that drugs would not be tolerated.

“You only have to sit in court for a month as I have, to see the absolute destruction it creates for families and if you’re trafficking (drugs), you’re contributing to that destruction.”

Lockett was sentenced to two years, nine months’ jail with a non-parole of 20 months.

He has served eight and a half months in pre-sentence detention, including almost two months in rehab. 

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