LETTER: Nationals all smoke and mirrors for votes

Beware the temptations of pork barrelling for votes!

Last minute promises from a party which is out-of-touch will not sway our community to reinstate The Nationals for another term. 

Especially when they will be even less effective than the last 10 years, sitting on the backbench.

Where is the current member who is still being paid more than $200,000 per annum to represent us?

The National Party can choose whoever they like as a candidate, as a leader, it will make no difference. They have ignored the Mallee electorate, turned their back on renewables, held the hand of corporate lobbyists while water rules were changed under the noses of their own party members – including ours – and they have drained the Darling River. They have stripped our small towns of services, ignored our needs for better roads, public transport, telecommunications, health and the list goes on, and on, and on.

The Mallee people are not fooled by this blatant electioneering, so stop treating us like fools.

Jason Modica, 

Independent candidate for Mallee

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