LETTER: Please, less Anne, more Andrew for Mallee MP

THE Murray-Darling Basin Authority’s (MDBA) move shouldn’t be to Mildura as Victoria is mostly compliant delivering the plan. It must logically be based in Wentworth at the junction of the Darling and Murray rivers. NSW is not compliant.

MDBA is meant to be independent of government. Is the MDBA CEO a National or Liberal party person? Is he independent or biased towards Nats or the Libs, as shown most directly by Anne Webster being in the photo, yet again, on the front page, though she is not the elected member of the Mallee. I do not believe she has any idea if this is good or not.

Enough of Anne Webster being in every local paper, every single day. She even has an ad in The Age newspaper, for goodness sake. The Nats and Libs are so desperate to re-win the Mallee seat they are pork barrelling again with impunity and aided by local and state newspapers and it seems certain persons in the MDBA. I find this abhorrent in the extreme.

Where on earth has Andrew Broad disappeared to? Is he still paid to represent the Mallee voters or not? He is the elected member. Enough of this bias and enough of seeing Anne Webster’s face next to politicians on the front pages of our supposedly unbiased newspapers.

To move staff to Mildura is one very glaringly obviously biased politically expedient decision by both the Feds and the MDBA. 

Some of the MDBA must be moved to Wentworth to ensure NSW complies with the basin plan.

Let’s get Anne Webster off the media releases already and Andrew Broad, the elected and paid Mallee member, back to do his job for the last few months. 

Maria Riedl, 


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