LETTER: Riverina needs to become its own state

The people in the electorate of Murray have been in an ongoing water disaster since the passage of the Water Act in 2007. 

This disaster is destroying irrigation and associated industries and ensuring the continual loss of employment and removal of people from this area in search of work. 

This disaster has been fully formed and maintained by National, Liberal, Labor and Green politicians. They have all voted for the Water Act and repeatedly declared that the ruinous basin plan will be delivered in full and on time. The quantity of water in productive use must be vastly increased. 

The only hope for a prosperous future for the people of Murray is to form The Riverina into a state separate from NSW. A Riverina state will interact with the Commonwealth and other state governments as a state in its own right. This will increase the capabilities of the people in Murray and the wider Riverina. 

David Landini, 

Independent candidate for Murray