LETTER: Duck shooting ban is about human safety

Mr Di Toro should ponder why the booming numbers of nature-based tourists keep passing by our rural towns, taking their money (and our job opportunities) with them to other areas.

Outdoor shooting ranges are tightly monitored for a reason. 

The shooting of our native waterbirds however, takes place unmonitored at thousands of public lakes, creeks, rivers, wetlands and reservoirs around our state – so many that authorities can’t list them – often in close proximity to residents.

Times have changed and with decentralisation, these areas are becoming more populous. 

More people are now interested in nature-based activities like bushwalking, visits to nature parks and aboriginal culture sites (Tourism Research Australia 2018). Nature based tourism is in fact the fastest growing component of tourism in general which provides more economic contribution to our country than agriculture, forestry and fishing (Tourism Satellite Account 2017).

While Mr Di Toro may prefer his minority choice of recreation have minimal supervision, sadly the risk to the majority of others is too great, socially and economically.

Regional Victorians Opposed to Duck Shooting Inc.

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