LETTER: Truck stop was on zoning grounds

Well done Sunraysia Daily for extracting some of the comments from your Facebook page as it ensures that the letter writer’s name is disclosed.

The saying “never let the truth spoil a good story” really resonates in some of these comments.

I would imagine that many of these commentators don’t bother to learn about the planning laws that constrain councillors in many cases but, instead of spending time constructing ill-founded comments, maybe they could take time to study the planning laws (often imposed at Victorian Government level) and then put their hands up to nominate for council and use some of their energy in a more ­positive way for the residents of Mil­dura Rural City.

I note Mr Johnson’s comments about this being the second time this land has gone before VCAT and about people benefiting from trying to stop non-orderly planning. He should know as he owned the land when the first inappropriate concept was applied for. 

This land at that time was zoned rural, so this project should never have been put up as the zoning was inappropriate. 

Ten couples who were against this concept paid their own legal fees to ensure that this area would not be degraded and VCAT commissioner agreed not to contribute further to the Fifteenth Street mish-mash.

Mildura Council’s decision regarding the truck stop was based on planning that did not meet the council’s direction for this area following a review which had taken place in the past 12 months by consultants. 

If anyone is to blame for the ­excessive costs of VCAT, it is the developers who put ill-informed and inappropriate projects forward as their only thought is making a ­profit.

I would be happy to live in a new house on the river if one of the owners of those properties would like to live close to a truck stop after buying their home in a green belt. 

All of the people who are so good at criticising should at least be honest and say if they would like to live across the road from a 24/7 truck stop, but this is not the reason the application was denied – it was ­because the application did not meet planning requirements.

Eileen Pica, 


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