LETTER: Robinvale not scared of new business in town

The public meeting to present to the community facts pertaining to Swan Hill Rural City Council’s proposal to sell 71-77 Bromley Road, Robinvale, was very well attended and well received by Robinvale people. 

Once again, it was made quite clear that the meeting was only about not selling land bought by the council to be retained for us, as public land. It was not about preventing any new business in Robinvale. 

New business has never been the issue, which made it very disappointing to read the headline in your newspaper on Wednesday, February 6, boldly stating “Subway plan debate rises”.

There never was (nor was there ever intended to be) a debate. As indicated to your newspaper earlier, this was an information meeting to try and rectify misinformation previously circulated over the council’s intention to sell the land.

All local residents and/or business people who attended the meeting had a chance to speak, to put forward their views and all who spoke did so most respectfully, as did all listeners. 

We do know that “Robinvale residents are divided ...” but, out of the 20 people who did choose to speak on the night, three agreed that the council should sell the land; one would not commit either way and 16 were against the sale. Quite an overwhelming indication that the people do not want the council to sell this land.

As there has been no indication from Swan Hill Rural City Council that it intends to conduct a public meeting in Robinvale about this proposed land sale, the organising group hopes that the council representatives in attendance at the meeting correctly gauged the mood of the people. 

The land at 71-77 Bromley Road, Robinvale, should not be sold.

The Robinvale community should never lose control over a piece of land that should always be in their hands. 

Submissions, either in writing (and mailed) or online through the council’s website, can be lodged until Monday, March 18, at 5pm.

Bev Harbinson,