LETTER: Big supermarkets snub milk price reduction

SHOPPERS who want a sustainable dairy industry should switch their business away from Coles and Aldi after both stuck with $1 milk, despite dairy farmers around the nation begging them to abandon it.

Coles need to be called out on publicity stunts and rubbish claims it has made in the past 24 hours whilst Aldi needed to be called out for going into hiding.

Publicity stunts like asking shoppers to donate at the counter to help struggling farmers are just a smokescreen to hide the fact they pay bugger all for milk.

The farmers wouldn’t need donations from the public if Coles and Aldi paid fair prices. Publicity stunts won’t change that.

The big German needs to come out from hiding under the stairs and face the Australian public.

Coles put out a statement yesterday which says: “Coles is committed to finding a better model that can be adopted by the industry to assist Australian farmers”.

Coles has said this since August so it’s now time to put up or shut up.

Act like a decent corporate citizen instead of just pretending to.

David Littleproud, 

Minister for Agriculture 

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