LETTER: National Party should aim for a better record

Mr Broad, I think you need to look up the deal made when the pipeline was put in for Anabranch. 

You seem to not understand that it too is an ecological system which requires water and why should the environment suffer the impacts of the human over-allocation of the Murray Darling Basin? It also has cultural values that cannot be ignored by politicians who are politicking as you are.

The National Party has an abysmal record when dealing and talking about water. Look at what Barnaby Joyce as Water Minister has done to the Murray Darling Basin system when looking after his mates. 

And now you are willing to sacrifice a system that has environmental and cultural values.

The National Party is a shambles in its ignorance of water and the environment and its natural values and functions as a basin system.

It seems it isn’t only The Nationals’ Mallee candidate Anne Webster who doesn’t understand the dire straits the Murray Darling Basin is in and you both are willing to sacrifice bits of it because neither you nor she understand the concept or value of ecosystem functions and reliant biodiversity.

Maria Reidl, 


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