LETTER: Politicians are peddling lies to save party’s face

PRIME Minister Scott Morrison and his team of Muppets (his words) are laughing at us, as he did when waving coal in our face, and deputy PM Michael McCormack just did, on the Darling when he said, it’s easy to see what “we” could have done in hindsight, when he looked at the putrid Darling. 

Hindsight! What an insult, people have been calling for action to save our rivers since I was a kid. The knowledge that we have includes the fact that Cubbie holds an estimated four years of water, for growing cotton. Oops didn’t Niall Blair and McCormack tell us that? 

Others also hold huge amounts of water and yet our rivers run dry. Puzzle away they do, and muse about the power of hindsight. 

I would say though there’s no puzzle, it’s simple – through collusion and corruption and the growing pile of lies they dump on us our rivers are being destroyed, with their foresight. They knew exactly what they planned. 

There needs to be a royal commission. The Darling is dead, the Murrumbidgee stagnant and full of blackwater and dead fish. Over irrigated to death. And the Murray is completely over allocated for huge irrigation and there’s no handbrake to stop the issuing of further licences to irrigate. 

To top this off a Chinese mining company owns the water they pipe up to Broken Hill, in the $500 million pipeline the NSW taxpayers paid for. 

This is not for the drought stricken “Hill” as claimed, but for two new mines which will deliver their minerals in a slurry, by pipe to Whyalla. And just in case we think it’s finished, no, the same company that pipes this water from the Murray also owns the SA Desalination plant! I wonder what the plan is?

Nationals candidate for Mallee Anne Webster also denies the work of a royal commission in SA about water – wrong and incomplete is The Nationals tune. Dr Webster would do us all a great service to ask her political friends as to why they wouldn’t let any of their staff or politician’s attend the royal commission, so as to make it complete. What are they trying to cover up? 

Country and regional Australia has been failed badly by The Nationals. They lie to feed their corporate mates – just look at the Darling River. 

Robert Biggs, 

Red Cliffs

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