LETTER: Candidates must speak truth not toe the line

There are some strong themes emerging from the two recent royal commissions.

Before the Banking Royal Commission released last week, and the South Australian Royal Commission into the Murray Darling Basin released the week before, we were led to believe neither of them were necessary.

Given the findings, this shows how off the mark, or deliberately misleading, those who sought to sweep these issues aside have proven to be.

Inexplicably, this government has failed to acknowledge the time, consideration, deliberation and independence of both these investigations.

The royal commissioner’s findings have been brushed away after months of interviews, legal inquiry and expose by community members and industry experts alike.

We need unbiased investigations so strong democracies can step outside or above the politics of the moment and view what is happening through an objective lens. Royal commissions fulfil this role.

The on-going concern about our democracies is that the will of the people is distorted by lobbyists and vested interests and governments who fail to benefit the communities they are supposed to represent.

Challenging the evidence has been exposed as a common reality in Australian politics, to the point where we expect nothing other than our current leaders to turn away from reason and logic.

My greatest concerns for our electorate and the country, is that this has become the norm.

Eventually voters come to an understanding that governments of all persuasions lose interest in representing communities and constituents, and they look to local representatives to fill the gap.

The upcoming federal election will be a contest between who will represent the electorate and those who will turn their back on voters and hold the party line.

Listening, understanding, acknowledging and accepting critical feedback is how people communities and governments grow.

If our major parties do not learn from the finding of these royal commissions, how can we trust them to act in our best interests?

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