LETTER: Nationals work the hyperbole

Who is exaggerating for political expediency, Mallee Nationals candidate Anne Webster?

Doesn’t Barnaby Joyce do this when talking about and acting on the Murry-Darling Basin Plan and environmental water? And what about Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack? What about Niall Blair? What about Sussan Ley?

Talk about the use of hyperbole.

Does she think the people who live and depend on the Darling River, and the Murray, indigenous people and those in South Australia are exaggerating the disaster? The fact is, the water is simply not there, the inflows have been hugely over-estimated.

Climate change, overextraction, continuous political interference, propaganda and vested interests have stuffed up the Murray-Darling Basin system.

The National Party has been using hyperbole consistently by stating the environment has enough water and irrigators should have it instead.

Mr Joyce’s statements demonstrate hyperbole is alive and well in the National Party looking after their mates. Political interference certainly plays a major part in creating the dire situation our Murray-Darling Basin is in. Hyperbole indeed.

Maria Riedl,


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