LETTER: Webster denies climate problem

I WAS hoping that The Nationals would appoint a candidate whose care and thinking about this electorate would have progressed from the views of our current hidden representative, Andrew Broad. But no. The Nats’ candidate doesn’t believe in the destructive impact of climate change, nor alternative ­energy systems.

People have been calling for ­action to save our rivers for decades.

To read that federal election candidate Anne Webster is so locked into the party line of the National Party that she is calling for nuclear energy as the solution to our energy problem is to know that she is wandering into the absurd.

We will be cooked before a nuclear plant can be physically built let alone approved to be built – in whose backyard, Ms Webster? Remember the toxic dump?

Unless we act now, we’re cooked, and I am delighted that all around us, from Balranald to Robinvale, Wemen, Ouyen, to Cardross and beyond that dozens of solar farms are under rapid construction to feed us with the energy we need. Ms Webster’s role, if elected, is to represent a community – ours. Country Australia has been failed badly by The Nationals. They lie to feed their corporate mates – just look at the Darling River. If Ms Webster chooses to stand for The Nationals and their failed, dark-age views, then we too will lament.

Robert Biggs,

Red Cliffs

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