LETTER: McCormack’s poor form at Menindee

Deputy PM Michael McCormack visited Menindee and gave his views on the Darling River situation. 

Straightaway he was very defensive of the big rich cotton and rice growers and that it was “not entirely fair” to blame them for the state of the Darling and the fish kills.

Then he insisted on quoting NSW Water Minister Niall Blair and he too was also blaming the drought which is not the only factor in all this.

His visit was the same as all the other Coalition MP’s visits, both state and federal. All they achieved was a photo shoot and lots of empty promises and I quote: “An inquiry, (commissioned by the Coalition) into the current fish kills led by Professor Rob Vertessy would report back to government by the end of March and any recommendations would be considered.”

Now this sounds like nothing concrete will come out of this, it will only “be considered”.

After the coming election, something pro-active might be done to help the Darling River and the Menindee Lakes.

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