Jail for grieving nephew

A MILDURA man who threatened to kill his mother after refusing her request to view the body of his deceased aunt has been jailed.

The Mildura Magistrates’ Court was told the 30-year-old father of nine children was lying on his aunt’s bed in Fourteenth Street on January 22 this year when his mother arrived at the house.

The woman told her son he should go to see his aunt when he began yelling and spitting and threatened to kill her.

The court was earlier told the man was with two co-accused in April last year when they broke into a vehicle and stole numerous bank cards which they used to purchase cigarettes and other items.

The three men were captured on closed circuit television entering the property when a co-accused threw a rock at a car window in a failed attempt to smash it.

The court was told the accused then used a larger rock to smash the window before stealing a wallet containing bankcards.

The man was captured in CCTV footage at the United service station in Fifteenth Street where he bought cigarettes, while a co-accused attempted to use the card at several locations, but was prompted to enter a pin number to which he entered the numbers 1-2-3-4.

Police executed a search warrant at the house of a co-accused and located the men drinking one of a dozen bottles of Jack Daniel’s whiskey.

The accused man subsequently failed to attend court on those matters.

Defence counsel Hugh Middleton said that while his client was facing serious charges he potentially still had a lot to offer.

Mr Middleton said the accused had to ensure that his behaviour was respectful and a community corrections order “of some length” and the completion of a men’s behaviour change program could provide some intervention to his offending.

The court was told the accused was sentenced to a good behaviour bond in 2012 and was fined in 2017 on a charge of robbery.

Police prosecutor Senior Constable Raef Oliver said the man “should have bought a lottery ticket that day” following the robbery sentence and his violent offending could be dealt with by way of a combination of jail and community corrections order.

Magistrate Rodney Higgins said it went without saying that the accused man’s separate offending were both serious.

The magistrate jailed the man for a total of 30 days.

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