‘Horrific' assault: Frecker denied bail, victim at ‘extreme risk’ say police

A WOMAN will undergo a second surgery in Melbourne next week after she suffered a fractured eye socket, severe facial injuries and was knocked unconscious in what police describe as a “horrific” assault.

Jake Samuel Frecker’s application for bail was yesterday refused when he appeared before the Mildura Magistrates’ Court, with police saying the victim could not be adequately protected and was at “extreme risk” of further assault if he was released.

The 25-year-old Irymple man is facing 12 charges including recklessly causing serious injury, assault, unlawfully imprisoning and detaining a woman against her will.

Informant Detective Senior Constable Anthony Lee yesterday told the court as a result of the alleged assault, the victim had undergone surgery at a Melbourne hospital to repair severe damage to her face, including a fractured eye socket which caused her eye to sink into her face.

He said the victim could not currently move or open her eye and further nerve damage had affected her mouth and facial movements.

Det Sen-Constable Lee said it would take three months of rehabilitation before any permanent damage could be determined. 

The court was yesterday told the victim’s parents and family were not told about the incident or their daughter’s significant injuries for at least two days, with the victim discharged from Mildura Base Hospital into the care of Frecker’s mother.

Det Snr Constable Lee said after staying at her house for a couple of days, Frecker’s mother then moved the victim into a room at a Buronga hotel, where she worked, saying she had guests coming to stay at the home.

The detective told the court police believed the victim was moved to the hotel to avoid any embarrassment to the accused’s family and at the time the victim required constant care despite being left alone for lengthy periods.

The court heard the victim was located at the hotel by a friend following a text message exchange, and was taken back to hospital severely hydrated.

The friend then alerted the victim’s family about their daughter’s condition and she has since been put into their care.

The court was told the alleged serious assault occurred about 12.30am on January 17 when the accused and victim returned to Frecker’s house and began arguing about a Facebook group chat while in the front yard.

The argument escalated when Frecker “became enraged” and punched the victim in the head, causing her to fall to the ground before they moved inside where he again punched her in the face, knocking her unconscious.

The commotion was heard by a witness who called 000.

The court heard it is unclear how long the victim was unconscious for, but she awoke to Frecker standing above her.

She asked him to call an ambulance to which he replied she still had a pulse so she could get up.

However he did call an ambulance, and in a police interview said he did not assault her, but that the victim had fallen over and hit her face on the concrete, a story he later admitted in a second police interview, was a lie.

Police prosecutor Matt Pardon said the behaviour of the accused’s family in the days following the serious assault was unacceptable and the fact they did not notify the victim’s family, but instead put her up in a hotel by herself was “reprehensible”.

Frecker is also facing charges including of recklessly causing injury which relates to incidents from late 2016 to 2017 involving a second victim.

Defence counsel Hugh Middleton yesterday argued moving away from Sunraysia coupled with strict bail conditions could mitigate his risk, however Det Snr Constable Lee said “no bail conditions could keep Frecker and victim apart at this time”. 

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