Recount to find out Robinvale's 'real population'

Cr Ann Young
Cr Ann Young

TWO studies aimed at addressing Robin­vale’s housing shortage are under way amid concerns the town’s population is severely underestimated.

Swan Hill Rural City Council (SHRCC) Mayor Ann Young admitted Robinvale’s true population was “difficult to get a ­handle on”, with results of the most recent Census data claiming the town has a population of just 3313.

“We believe the Census results are not reflecting the actual number of people living in the Robinvale area, which is challenging when seeking appropriate levels of government investment in things like health, education and emergency services for the community,” Cr Young said.

SHRCC director development and planning Heather Green told Sunraysia Daily last year she estimated figures to be between 5000 and 6000.

“There’s no way (3313 people) is accurate,” Ms Green said. “We suspect the biggest reason the Census data is so incorrect is because people are choosing not to participate, for whatever reason.

“It could be that they are legitimate workers, but they’re coming from countries where there’s a fear of authority – we suspect it’s just avoidance of being recorded on a Census.

“The transient nature and high seasonal worker turnover in Robinvale makes it very hard to tell.”

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