LETTER: Smoke and mirrors hide real problems

Well, the Banking Commission Report is in, the banks have issued their sincere ‘mea culpas’ (with crossed fingers); investors can at last relax because banking shares have sky-rocketed and profits are again assured; Mother Nature has provided us with torrential rains in Queensland and disastrous fires in Tasmania to divert our attention from the too-close analysis of Justice Haynes’ recommendations, such as they are.

And all’s as it was – sort of!

So what’s changed? We have five un-committed parliamentary sitting days before an election and we can be pretty certain those will be taken up with political point-scoring. 

That means no meaningful legislative reforms can even be contemplated until the end of the year when a new government settles in. 

It also means those forces which oppose any meaningful reforms have plenty of time to organise and lobby against any changes which might disadvantage them.

Russ Gittins,