Man’s best friend deserves seat at table

Re: Doggy diner disgrace (Jan 8) 

Firstly, let me start by saying thank you to the dog fearing woman as I believe this is an issue in some places, mainly backward non-evolved thinkers and towns of which Mildura is not one and it requires addressing. 

In this town, we are relaxed, we have pets and are laid back in the best way possible, I am not sure why you live here, perhaps you would prefer a military camp, oh no, hold on, dogs there too, sniffing out bombs and assisting soldiers, oh well maybe another planet perhaps? 

I was born here in Mildura, lived here until I was 19, moved away to Melbourne and Sydney for an education and work for 15 years then came back to live with family. 

During my time in Melbourne and Sydney, I had a pet Maltese, my best mate and a joy to have with me, still with me today, 15 years later. 

Here and away, I found on the weekends when I went out to eat with friends the frustration of no restaurants allowing you to have pets indoors, unlike Europe, but many excellent cafes allowing you to have your pet with you, at the table, near the table, on your lap, feeding them bacon, and why not? 

I am sure many a time my dogs breath fell onto my plate. Do you know how many toddlers have sneezed on my food, licked my face, coughed on me that I have been sick from? 

Too many times to recount. Ask any mother this question. 

However never have I been sick from having my dog on my lap, with the potential of her breath on my food, feeding her bacon at a cafe while I eat my breakfast.

What about the blind? Do you deny them to eat at cafes with their companion? How can you ignore the facts that dogs are used as service animals for the blind for countless years, anxiety dogs for those recovering from mental illness and tragedy. There is even research to suggest that dogs can smell cancer.

I hope you do spend time educating yourself with the countless stories of these invaluable creatures keeping their owners alive when stranded in bush land, keeping stranded toddlers warm when temperatures drop overnight, being service dogs to sniff out these lost in the bush and bring them home. 

I cannot think of a more worthy friend that deserves a seat at the table. 


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