LETTER: Climate change catches out MDBA

MURRAY-Darling Basin Authority CEO Phillip Glyde’s opinion piece appears to have been written prior to the revelation of the fish deaths on the Darling.

Mr Glyde still refers to “drought” when I would argue that what we have is permanent climate change.

The evidence is piling up, clim­ate is changing and, while some parts of the world will experience wild wet weather, we are likely to have very much drier weather.

The Darling runs through basic­ally desert country for most of its length and the Murray runs, for much of its length, through very marginal country also.

The simple matter is that there has been a cavalier attitude to management of the Murray-Darling ­Basin since Europeans turned up and, while much effort has been made to clean up past errors, we have been caught out by circumstances brought on by climate change.

The latest fish kill on the Darling is only a precursor to what is to come. The predictions for next year’s weather look less than promising.

Lindsay Leake, 


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