LETTER: Cotton growers stitch up a good year

In response to Murray-Darling ­Basin Authority chief executive Phillip Glyde’s comments, while we all acknowledge there is a drought with low flows into rivers that feed the Darling, where is his acknow­ledgement that upstream cotton has had a major impact on flows?

An article published in The Sydney Morning Herald stated: “Australian cotton exports are tipped to earn $2.63 billion in 2017-18, the highest figure in five years.”

The expected strong cotton export performance is due to a combination of factors including water availability, an increase in area planted, good prices and buoyant demand in Asia for high-quality cotton.

Most of the nation’s cotton is grown in northern NSW and southern Queensland. NSW produces the bigger share. 

So in a year of drought, the ­cotton producers will have their highest earnings in five years.

Isn’t it time to apportion blame where a good deal of it belongs? The death of more than one million fish, some over 100 years old that had seen many longer droughts before, deserves a proper explan­ation, not excuses.

​Gary Davis, 


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