LETTER: Drought survivors are dying too

I HAVE a question for Niall Blair, the NSW Government and the Federal Government.

If the millions of fish now dying in the Darling River are dying due to drought, then how come the very mature fish we have all seen die survived the Millennium drought?

Obviously it would be answered by more spin, but the shocking facts tell the horrible story of our poor old Darling River. It has been manipulated, wrung out and hung to dry by very egotistical, narrow- minded politicians and bureaucrats.

The spin coming out of the MDBA is mind-boggling.

Mr Blair tried to sneak in and out of Menindee on Wednesday but a group of 150 people who were notified at 9.30 the previous night were waiting for him, an outstanding ­effort by the locals. Unfortunately, he kept going

I keep saying how biased and deeply flawed the basin plan is. I am very deeply disturbed about the Darling River and have this horr­ible thought that they could do it to the Murray River too if we let them.

Australians simply must take control of this disgraceful situation to protect our very valuable water assets for our future generations. We must keep protesting and not let our basin become something akin to a sewer, because that has happened to the Darling River.

Peter Gilmour, 


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