LETTER: Outsourcing needed to find the best CEO

With the departure of the incumbent CEO imminent, it is encouraging to see that Mildura Council will engage the services of a professional recruitment company to assist in finding a replacement.

Would it not be wise for our councillor’s choice of a replacement to be vetted as being a suitably qualified and properly capable person to head up the business of council?

Let’s face facts, the last two CEOs have been less than spectacular achievers for this municipality and have been installed on the final say so of councillors.

While acknowledging the earnest and dedicated contribution our councillors make to our community, we also need to understand quite clearly that apart from two who have run their own quite small businesses, there is not one single other councillor who has experience in operating a business, let alone a major business with a budget of in excess of $120 million and a staff of over 700.

For this reason alone our councillors are simply not qualified to be the final arbiter on employing council’s new CEO who is absolutely critical to moving this region forward. 

On the other hand, there are a number of eminently qualified people with very sound experience in handling staff and a budget, if not at this level, then certainly at a level substantially greater than any of our councillors have.

Would it not be wise for council to co-opt a suitably qualified panel of local experienced business people to provide advice to them on the candidates presented for CEO?

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