Abusive girlfriend released

A YOUNG Mildura woman used a curtain rod and part of an iron bed frame to assault her female partner before blaming the victim for inflicting the injuries.

The Mildura Magistrates’ Court was yesterday told the 21-year-old victim was left with a potentially broken elbow, a large gash to her arm, welts to her back and buttocks and bruising and grazing following the assaults in October last year.

The accused woman, 22, initially told police the injuries were self-inflicted by her then partner, but yesterday admitted to causing them.

Prosecutor Senior-Constable Kristen Simm said the women had been in a three-month relationship before the victim told police her partner picked up various items and hit her with them until they broke.

Sen-Constable Simm said that two days after the 21-year-old was struck by the accused using an iron bar from a bed frame a further assault took place after the pair had been drinking at a Dareton address.

The court was told the victim left the address and went to the home of her uncle without telling the accused, who turned up and threatened the woman, telling her that she needed to leave.

Fearing for her safety, the victim left the house and returned to the woman’s Mildura home where she was again assaulted.

Sen-Constable Simm said that as the pair entered the property, the victim was shoved into a wall, punched and struck with a curtain rod.

When the victim attended hospital to have a large gash in her forearm treated, she told staff it was caused when she fell over but later detailed the offending to police.

Police subsequently attended the residence of the accused and found blood splatter and a T-shirt heavily stained in blood.

Defence counsel Hugh Middleton said his client had been plagued by “issues” for some time and had expressed remorse.

Mr Middleton said those issues needed to be addressed if she was to have a good life.

The woman told Magistrate Pauline Spencer that she wanted to be released from custody and “stay off the grog”.

“I hang around the wrong people,” she said.

Ms Spencer told the woman she needed to make some life changes.

“You can’t go around hurting other people,” Ms Spencer said.

“Family violence is not on,” she said.

“You can’t have good relationships if you use violence.”

The woman was released from custody, having served 74 days in jail, and ordered to complete a Community Corrections Order.

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