LETTER: Andrew Broad needs to leave office ... now

THE recent debacle over the demise of our local member Andrew Broad highlights a serious problem that has emerged over a number of decades now, in the quality and integrity of those we elect to represent us and hold a seat in the people’s parliament.

Broad is not the first and certainly will not be the last to succumb to their own failings.

You only have to look at our last prime minister, his arrogance and egotism went over and above the Richter scale, blaming all and sundry for his demise.

 Broad has now publicly spoken that part of his problems was political pressure.

I call this a lame excuse for what it is.

Rural areas of Victoria place great faith and pride in our elected federal members, unlike the major cities, when you disappoint your constituents in the country, we feel it badly, yes hurt and sadly broken, our trust has been used and abused.

Broad’s position as Federal Member for Mallee should be vacated immediately. 

Ian Felton, 


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