LETTER: It’s a dry year ahead according to forecast

THE Murray Darling Weekly Report dated January 2, 2019 makes for some very sobering reading. The last calendar year (2018) inflows into the Murray were a disastrous 2,740 gigalitres against a long-term average of 9,030 gigalitres.

The report also highlights that rainfall in the basin in 2018 was in the lowest 10 per cent of records with some of Queensland and NSW being the driest on record.

Also, the temperature for the sixth consecutive year, was well above average across the basin. The vast majority of the Basin experienced maximum temperatures in the top decile (top 10 per cent of records) with large areas of highest on record.

Records also show that 2018 had the 12th lowest Murray inflows on record. Of the 14 lowest inflows, seven of them were since 2002.

With these sorts of records, I believe it is time that people of Mildura took serious notice and questioned the validity of the Murray Darling Plan.

Any business person who was looking at their business records and saw such a serious decline in the availability of a critical resource to their business, would be asking what the likelihood of an improvement was, and if the predictions of people who study the relevant data where claiming that the probability that the situation would be getting worse, they would be extremely concerned.

It is time that this community faced up to the facts and did some serious thinking and planning, the rosy predictions of the future of this community may not have been made with all the facts being taken into account.

Now that we have a new member in the State Parliament, and soon to have a new member in the Federal Parliament, perhaps the Council could convene an independent expert study to take a look at what risks we are facing.

Lindsay Leake,


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