100 ways to get gambling under control

WHILE applauding the concept of a new year’s resolution, the real­ity is that by the second, third or fourth week of January many ­people will struggle to keep the commitments they have made to themselves to improve their health and well­­being.

This doesn’t have to be the case for those wanting to change their relationship with gambling.

The 100 Day Challenge has been designed with the assistance of ­experts in therapeutic services to provide practical, effective support to people seeking to take a break from gambling, reduce the amount of time or money they spend, or quit permanently.

The program offers participants 100 recreational activities as alternatives to gambling over 100 days and encourages them to set and track progress against their goals.

It includes a range of tools, tips and advice and features an online community where participants share their experiences.

The 100 Day Challenge is avail­able in app and web-based formats, ideal for people who cannot easily access mainstream services and those who want to make a change without seeking formal help or to maintain anonymity.

To join more than 4000 ­Victorians who have already signed up for the 100 Day Challenge, visit 100dc.com.au.

Janet Dore,

Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation interim chief executive

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