Peta Credlin on Liberals wishlist for Mallee

A RIGHT-WING Liberal Party figure has touted Wycheproof born Peta Credlin as a Liberal candidate for Mallee but the party’s local faithful aren’t sure it’s a serious suggestion.

Ms Credlin, chief of staff to Tony Abbott while he was prime minister, spent her formative years in Wycheproof before moving to Geelong.

Peta Credlin

Peta Credlin

Russell Lamattina, president of the Mildura branch of the Liberal Party, said Ms Credlin could attract more national attention to the contest for Mallee.

“Whether it’s to be taken seriously is another matter, of course, until she actually would say she wants to do it and until head office ticks it off as well,” Mr Lamattina said.

“I’m not sure if she is or isn’t a member of the party but that hasn’t stopped anyone before, obviously.

“No one has tried to get in touch with her because we don’t know how to.”

Right-wing NSW Liberal figure John Ruddick was the first to champion Ms Credlin as the party’s potential candidate.

“The Credlin family first moved to Mallee in the 1860s,” Mr Ruddick wrote on Twitter.

“No idea if Peta is interested ... but if she is, she’ll not only win and become PM ... she’ll be the ‘Margaret Thatcher Down Under'”.

Mr Ruddick is the author of a book titled Make the Liberal Party Great Again and previously failed in a bid to become the Liberals’ NSW president.

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