LETTER: Time to revisit Yatpool freight centre depot

It’s great to see Ali Cupper is now Member for Mildura and I’m sure she is annoyed with this train game the government is playing with Mildura’s population.

May I suggest to her she puts pressure on the government to fund a state of the art freight centre just south of Red Cliffs. When it is established it will be easy to relocate the freight company from Merbein to Red Cliffs leaving Mildura completely free of railway lines. Without railway lines the Seventh Street area could cleaned up and become a modern coach terminal and Ali will ask the Mildura citizens what else they would like to see there?

Councillors are asking what is the future for Mildura. Perhaps we should aim for a green city as electric cars, buses will be the future, maybe we could even build these vehicles here, we certainly need some industry to create jobs.

Now, to really stretch the imagination a Thorium power generation reactor would help power the electric vehicles which everyone will own.

W Shaw, 


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