LETTER: Pipeline spells the end of the Darling River

The Barkindji Aboriginal people, farmers and others who live and work along the Darling, love the river. 

It is their lifeblood. 

Just as you nurture the things you love it is not unreasonable to think that the death of the Darling will be a bereavement that’s hard to recover from.

But now all too frequently the river will have no significance other than a steep bank and little water flowing.

The $500 million pipeline from Wentworth to Broken Hill will make sure that the river’s cultural, social and economic significance disappear as the pipeline nears completion.

With health, roads and education all too lacking in funding in the bush, the cash allocated to this pipeline is a total waste of money. Where else in the world would they destroy an environment, an economy and the social fabric of a community which contributed handsomely to the NSW economy and Australia’s culture?

Helen Dalton, 


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