LETTER: Ali Cupper is what Mildura needs in Spring Street

Sometimes in life someone comes along to make a difference in a community. For ,me it’s been our new and the first female Member of Parliament for Mildura.

Since coming into public life at her first election campaign Ali Cupper has been a dynamo and someone, I have found to possess a remarkable skill for sense of social value. Ali’s activism in council will be talked about and read in journals for a long time.

My White Ribbon stand has been embraced by Ali and it was her passion that forged me in part to stand as Mayor and Ali assuming the role as Deputy to raise the profile of issues confronting our community.

All I ask from this community regardless of your political or social persuasion is to be patient with our new Member of Parliament. I can assure you Ali has the political connections, intelligence, guile and insights required. I would like to express my personal gratitude to Peter Crisp for his undeniable contribution and to Maryanne.

Mark Eckel, 

Mildura councillor and former mayor

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