LETTER: Stay safe on the roads this festive season

Victorians are being urged to keep each other safe on our roads this festive season.

The devastating ‘death knock’ that police make when a person is killed on Victorian roads is at the heart of a new Transport Accident Commission campaign and road safety plea.

While the 195 lives lost so far this year is a record low for the start December, it is no comfort for the families and friends facing Christmas without their loved ones.

With almost one person killed every day between the start of December and Christmas last year, drivers are being urged to slow down, plan their trips and make safe choices when hitting the road these holidays.

A new Christmas road safety campaign, ‘knocking on doors’, highlights the worst part of any police officer’s job, delivering tragic news to loved ones of people killed in road crashes.

The campaign was developed to remind people about the tragic outcomes of risk-taking behaviour on the roads and urges people to think about the ripple effect of the choices we make.

Last year, 23 people died on Victorian roads from the start of December to Christmas Day, and six people lost their lives between Christmas and the New Year.

The Police and the TAC will have a strong presence across the state these holidays, with extra police shifts and community information campaigns to curb the number of people being killed on country roads.

This campaign lays bare the door knock that no family member wants to receive and no police officer wants to make.

Jaala Pulford, 

Minister for Roads Samantha Cockfield, TAC 

Robyn Seymour, VicRoads

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