LETTER: Milne: have a comment, put your name to it

Why does Sunraysia Daily allow people to make false accusations against people without identifying themselves? 

If people are not willing to put their names to their comments they should remain quiet, especially when the comments are false. 

I have never said I do not want transparency of my expenses. 

I made the point that if you live in Mildura City your travel is minimal, if you live in Red Cliffs, Ouyen or Murrayville that changes greatly. 

People living outside Mildura shouldn’t be financially disadvantaged when serving the community. It is also worth noting that Council books and pays for air fares to attend meetings when councillors have been invited. 

The cost incurred are put against each councillor, the process is transparent.

If you wish to make comment, have the decency to identify yourself.

Glenn Milne, 

Mildura councillor

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