LETTER: Put aid for sick ahead of drug rehab

“I WILL not let you down” promised Cr Simon Clemence as he ­became Mildura mayor.

Cr Clemence said he would continue to champion the commun­ity’s work to obtain drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities in Mildura.

He will also continue to chair the local drug action committee.

Australia is fast becoming the drug capital of the world with Mildura high on this list and here we go financing and encouraging self-inflicted crimes with rate­payers’ and taxpayers’ money.

I received severe radiation poisoning while working in Iraq with depleted uranium munitions, which causes many types of cancers. I have suffered cancer problems ever since, at a huge cost.

In May 2015, my problems became serious and I eventually had to be sent to Peter Mac cancer specialists in Melbourne for treatment.

This meant continual flights to and from Melbourne.

On every flight there were people, young and old, travelling to and from Melbourne for cancer treatment at huge cost. Some told me they had to mortgage their homes to finance treatment.

Cancer is not a self-inflicted ­ailment like drugs and alcohol poisoning, yet these people have to pay for their treatment.

There are many other non-self-inflicted ailments that are costing people their life savings.

So forget about the drug and ­alcohol support, Cr Clemence – drug and alcohol addicts are overloading ambulances and hospitals and costing taxpayers millions.

Peter Whitfield,

Trentham Cliffs

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