LETTER: Crisp the candidate with the right answers

I WENT to the state election forum and, as expected, Peter Crisp had all the answers for us.

He has been there for a long time and while the other candidates spoke from the heart, they did not speak from experience, with the exception of Ali Cupper.

The nastiness that came out of her mouth shocked me and quite a few other people who were there as well.

Her arguments were all hypothetical and sadly lacked direction.

Her attack on Peter Crisp was uncalled for. He is one of many that has to follow party policy.

And her reference to Shepparton has no bearing on this area.

Any thoughts I had of putting her on the card as first preference went out the window with the viciousness from her. 

The possibility of her having balance of power worries me.

John Bunney, 

Red Cliffs

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