Undies raid gets bond

A TRESPASSER set alight a towel from a woman’s clothes line before taking some underwear and putting it in his pants, a court heard.

But Jaydyn Miechel was unable to give the Mildura Magistrates’ Court an explan­ation for his bizarre behaviour, beyond telling magistrate Michael King that “it was a lapse in judgment”.

Prosecutors told the court it was about 6am on August 5 when Miechel climbed on to a second-storey balcony and had a look around, before climbing on to a fence and into a backyard.

There, Miechel took a towel and set it alight, before taking some black underwear and some tops that were hanging up and putting the clothing in his pants and pockets.

The victim, who wasn’t known to Miechel, called police and, when a Mildura patrol arrived, they found him standing next to a small fire near the clothes line.

Miechel jumped a back fence and fled on foot but was caught about 800 metres away.

Miechel, wearing a black hoodie with a “dope” motif emblazoned across the front, represented himself in court and pleaded guilty to trespassing, theft and criminal damage by fire.

The full-time chef told Dr King: “It was a lapse in judgment and really poor decision-making.”

“Have you got any issues you need to address?” Dr King asked.

“Ah, no,” Miechel replied.

Miechel, who had no criminal record, was fined $500 and given a chance to avoid a conviction should he be of good behaviour for the next year.

But Dr King ordered he see a doctor shortly as a condition of the good behaviour bond.

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