LETTER: Peter Crisp ignored in Spring Street

The article in Sunraysia Daily (November 5), in which Peter Crisp is having a go at Mildura Council with regard to the motor sport precinct, I found it highly amusing where he states: “If the council can’t find an investor they are ­talking to, I haven’t really got a ­proposal to take to Melbourne.”

I mean, who in Melbourne would listen to him anyway? The Labor Party?

Who is Mr Crisp trying to kid? No one would listen to him as he has zero say in anything down there, even when his party was in government and held the ­balance of power.

Before Mr Crisp has a go at the council, he should try to just keep his nose in state politics while he can for the next couple of weeks. Definitely time for a Cupper.

Patrick Nunan,


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