Victorian election 2018 Mildura: Signage vandalised outside Labor candidate's home

Labor candidate Tony Alessi at the front of his home with vandalised signage.Picture: Carmel Zaccone
Labor candidate Tony Alessi at the front of his home with vandalised signage.Picture: Carmel Zaccone

LABOR Mildura candidate Dr Tony Alessi has challenged Member for Mildura Peter Crisp to an election promise of a different kind – and it involves a bucket and soap. 

He has called on Mr Crisp to rustle up some supporters to clean up the footpath out the front of his house, which was found vandalised on Sunday morning.

Dr Alessi said it didn’t take him long to work out the more likely culprits behind the not-so-subtle message were Nationals’ supporters.

“I don’t intend to be on my hands and knees scrubbing that off,” he said.

“If Peter sends a crew down, that would be fine.”

Mr Crisp said the damage was “disappointing”.

Also targeted by the culprits was a corflute sign out the front of Dr Alessi’s home, which was emblazoned in black spray paint with the words “vote Crispy”.

However, the vandals didn’t get the reaction they may have hoped for.

“I was actually going to leave it – I think it’s probably more likely to get people’s attention as they drive past,” Dr Alessi said.

“I have another sign in Koorlong where I ended up with a moustache and a goatee – but that was really quite pretty.”

Mr Crisp has also been on the receiving end of some alternative political advertising.

An audience member at last week’s Victorian Farmers Federation candidates forum in Ouyen raised the issue of corflute vandalism after someone plastered Greens’ stickers on one of his signs in Robinvale.

Mr Crisp, who left the stickers on his sign and suggested they give him their second preference, said: “Sometimes you get a bit of humorous wisdom from someone”.

However, he didn’t encourage the vandalism after falling victim to offensive election graffiti in the past, including phallic symbols and a Nazi swastika.

“That has to come down straight away,” Mr Crisp said. 

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