LETTER: Fruit fly a very real, but manageable threat

Today, Victoria is more prepared to manage the threat of fruit fly than ever.

In 2013, the Liberal-Nationals stopped management of fruit fly across the state, leaving growers on their own.

Labor has spent four years rebuilding capacity, investing more than $9 million to deliver our Fruit Fly Action Plan, which is fully funded through to 2020.

It’s disappointing that the Liberal-Nationals seem to think the fruit fly threat is only an issue at election time.

We’ve spent four years working with industry to make sure there is a statewide plan for dealing with this very real threat.

When it comes to Mildura growers, Labor has provided funding to the local council to make sure all fruit fly management activities continue. And of course, we’ll keep supporting local growers including another vote if requested.

If Peter Crisp and his mates really cared about helping growers, they wouldn’t have cut funding and support for fruit fly management when they were in power.

Jaala Pulford,

Minister for Agriculture