LETTER: Apathy not going to help the rivers’ survival

A SPEECH by then Prime Minister John Howard at a state council meeting in Camberwell in May, 1996, said: “If you want that environmental expenditure you’ve got to support our program.

“And a vote against our program on Telstra is a vote directed at the heart of the environmental regeneration of Australia.

“And there is no wriggling and there is no room to move on this.

“There is no second chance.

There is no alternative if you want the Murray-Darling cleaned up, if you want a long-term attack on ocean outfall, on river pollution and all the other long term environmental concerns that Australians, especially young Australians, have – then you have to vote for program that we’re going to put down.

And it will represent a very interesting choice for those who long have held themselves out as champions of the environment.”

Well, now 22 years later the Darling is dead, the Murray may potentially follow and I wonder what we will be told next, by both federal and state representatives.

Michael Rickard,