LETTER: Opinions matter in motor sport park

Could Steve Timmis please define “everybody”, names, phone numbers and dates you spoke to them, who is questioning the viability of the Mildura Motor Sports Precinct?

Given he sits on the Murray Tourism Board, he may well be the biggest problem facing this district.

A fix of sugar (chocolate) and

alcohol might meet Steve’s needs but as a community we need to be attracting tourists to our community.

Can Steve tell us how many tourists he has attracted to Mildura with Murray Tourism, can he match the numbers forecast for the motor sport complex?

Steve you are running for Parliament now, you must be able to back your claims, not just mouth off to get a headline.

I will be waiting for the list of “everybody”, the 50,000 locals that you must have spoken to will be a good start to the list, then the names of the politicians, moto sport experts and “everybody” else.

I will be waiting for the list.

Cr Glenn Milne

Red Cliffs